‘Slow down your brainwaves’ Meditation

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In this meditation I will teach you how to relax and calm your mind. It is a practical guide on how to Slow down your Brainwaves.

But first:

  1. Always practice meditation with loving kindness for yourself, that is, no judgement on how you are doing it.
  2. There is no wrong way to meditate.
  3. Commend yourself for taking this time out for you!


The objective of this guided meditation I have recorded for you is to slow your brainwaves down.

We have 4 different brainwave frequencies as follows

1) Beta waves: when we are awake and alert we are in beta. My aim is to assist you to get from here into alpha or even theta for magical experiences.

2) Alpha waves: this state occurs during rest, when the eyes are closed, while in deep relaxation and meditation. This is our desired result.

3) Theta waves: these waves are slower again. This state is referred to as the dream or “twilight” state.

4) Delta waves: are the slowest waves and occur when we are asleep. We do not want to be here. That is why I ask you to sit upright on a chair. However, if you wish to use this meditation specifically to help you to get to sleep that is okay too and will work well. Just remember it will not help you to build your “mindfulness muscle”.


Get ready to start:

Sit on a chair or on your meditation mat or cushion with your back upright.

Close your eyes and soften your gaze ….and enjoy.


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