9 Reasons Why the Sea is Good for your Mind, Body & Soul

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Many people travel to the beach for vacationing, relaxing on the sand and listening to the waves. We now know that being close to the sea can also have health benefits. For centuries, doctors have recommended trips to the shore as a curative for many ailments.

The sea is good for your mind, body and soul. The therapeutic benefits can be enjoyed on many levels:  mental and physical and emotional as you will see:

  1. Sea air helps you sleep better. It is generally fresher, lighter and with higher levels of oxygen which can improve sleep.
  2. The sound of the waves can reduce our brain wave frequency from beta to lower frequencies, (similar to meditation) which is very calming for an anxious and stressed mind.
  3. The energy vibration of the sea is high and can naturally raise our vibration and improve our state of being. When our vibe is raised, we start to feel lighter, happier and more at ease.
  4. Looking at the ocean can promote dopamine, our feel-good hormone which makes us feel happy.
  5. The sound of the waves lapping can be soothing to our nervous system and bring us calm and solace.
  6. Strolling barefoot on the sand and in the water is great for grounding our energy and releasing electromagnetic stress out of our bodies and down into the earth. Very beneficial for our electrical system and good sleep.
  7. At the seaside we are generally more active. A nice long walk or any exercise releases endorphins – which creates a positive feeling in out body.
  8. Salt water helps your body heal. Sea water is rich in minerals such as magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, iodine and sulphur, many of which have curative and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.
  9. As well as the relaxing benefits of the ocean, we also get the benefit of the sun and the production of Vitamin D.


See this video where I spoke with Deirdre Walsh on Radio Kerry recently about the benefits of living by the sea.


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