What My Clients Say

I went to Joanne for stress as we were trying to have a second baby for some time and it was not happening. I wanted to try something natural before going down the medical route. I had some sessions of integrated energy healing with Joanne where she could tell I was holding on to a lot of fear going way back to when I was a child and my father was ill for a period. As an adult I had always found that if I ever even thought about losing my father it would bring me to tears. Joanne also found that my body was totally closed off which was not helping with our efforts to conceive, I had a difficult birth first time around. Through her IET sessions Joanne helped me to release the fear I was carrying around, I no longer worry about losing the people around me and I am delighted to say I am also expecting our second child without any medical intervention.


Julie, Co. Kerry

I would highly recommend an energy healing session with Joanne. She puts you so much at ease in a lovely peaceful therapy room. I had no energy for a long time and this therapy had been recommended. I could feel a change during the session and came out feeling amazing and my energy levels have been brilliant since. I am very grateful for the experience and the amazing results and look forward to a return visit.


Michelle, Co. Kerry

Over the last two years I have invested a lot in myself. I used to think everything in life was so hard. And I believed it came so easy to some people. It was like I was directed to Joanne, where she worked with me and most importantly explained how the mind works. Joanne has made an immense difference to me and my lifestyle. I am now listening to my body and observing my mind. Things are much easier now, and everything flows better.


Dan, Co. Kerry

For year’s I was unknowingly carrying emotional baggage, holding on to negative thoughts and feelings of anger. Each time a situation arose with a family member, I felt really angry. Not just with what had happened but all the other incidents came flooding back so it would become a much bigger issue each time. I had never heard of Quantum Release before working with Joanne, but through our sessions I was able to literally cut the cord on all the past feelings. This has given me so much more freedom as I don’t feel stressed or tense or angry any more. Being able to deal with things as they happen rather than drudging up past old feelings is just amazing and so much better for all involved. Quantum release has to be experienced to be believed as I would have never though it was possible to cut the cord with feelings from the past.


Joanne, Co. Kerry

I went to Joanne for relief from anxiety, worry, restless sleep and exhaustion. It had come to a stage where I felt like my life was being taken over by these emotions and it was crippling me. I wanted peace and balance back in my life. I had experienced childhood trauma and now in my 30’s it had finally caught up. It was becoming a very heavy load to carry.  I wanted help releasing these blocks in an easy, gentle and dare I say quick way. I didn’t want to hash it out over months. That’s the magic of Quantum Release – 2 sessions is all it took. Joanne has such a gentle presence and it was so easy to pour my heart out and leave my old pain in her room, I felt I had a safe place to release and let it all go.  I literally felt lighter waking out her door. From the bottom of my heart thank you Joanne for releasing old past traumas that we’re boiling over into my present life.


Irene, Co. Kerry

I love the Energy sessions with Joanne. I feel calm and energised. It’s the most relaxing experience but it also offers a powerful release from negative emotions. I highly recommend an IET session with Joanne.


Anne, Co. Kerry

I have suffered from anxiety for many years and spent a lot of money on various therapies, counselling and medicine which although helped, it never really solved it fully. I went to Joanne for three sessions and absolutely amazed and delighted with the results. The anxiety was blitzed and replaced with a sense of peace and calm. She truly has a winning formula for anxiety and worry.


Marie, Co. Kerry

I suffered from anxiety and low self-esteem and I tried a lot of different therapies such as counselling which helped me to understand where the feelings were coming from and what had caused them but I found it hard to move on from them. I went to Joanne and had 3 sessions and even after the first session I found it helped. I had this feeling of calm and inner peace, it was like I had taken something and I was waiting for it to wear off but it didn’t. I can honestly say I am like a new woman! I can’t recommend Joanne highly enough; she is truly amazing!


Mary, Co. Kerry

My personal development sessions with Joanne allowed me to make peace with the negative things that had been happening in my life, while working on liking myself for the first time ever. Joanne’s sessions allowed me to see the greatness in me and also my life and not to beat myself up about everything but also to see that the reason for certain things not working in my life was because I had not dealt with some things in the past. Once we worked through these areas, I was able to open myself up to so much more. Since then I have embarked in the next stage which is business coaching with Joanne. I am a firm believer that every self-employed person needs a coach to give them clarity and guidance in their personal and professional development. Joanne’s sessions have allowed me to refocus my business and in doing this only after two sessions I am getting more work and moving much further forward than I ever imagined I could in one month. Joanne’s sessions are highly recommended and I am looking forward to continue my own development with her.


Heidi, Co. Cork