Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

Integrated Energy Therapy clears energy blockages and releases any suppressed pain. As we journey through life, the flow of energy can become restricted or limited, these restrictions are often referred to as energy blockages.

Some causes of energy blockages are physical trauma, surgery, disease, exhaustion, emotional crisis, suppressed feelings, stress, fear, self-limiting beliefs and thoughts. These blockages limit our joy and experience of life and can result in lack of spontaneity, energy depletion and low mood.

An IET session remove blocks in your energy field, cleanses and balance your chakras, giving you your vibrancy and spark back!

Benefits of IET:

  • Clears, cleanses, balances and realigns energies to feel more clear, more vibrant, and more whole.
  • Restore and refresh your body, mind and spirit. You will leave this treatment feeling lighter, freer, more open and connected with your Divine self!
  • Release of all that is blocking or hindering you on your life path and purpose.
  • Experience exponentially more inner peace — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so you can enjoy a life of freedom, flow and fulfilment.

Is IET for YOU?

  • Do you suffer from tiredness or exhaustion and sick of feeling frustrated?
  • Are you indecisive and lack clarity of mind?
  • Do you want a life of freedom, flow and fulfilment?
  • Do you feel all over the shop and want to come into alignment?

If you answered YES to any of the above, IET may be for you.


  • I love the Energy sessions with Joanne. I feel calm and energised. It's the most relaxing experience but it also offers a powerful release from negative emotions. I highly recommend an IET session with Joanne.

    Anne, County Kerry
  • I would highly recommend an energy healing session with Joanne. She puts you so much at ease in a lovely peaceful therapy room. I had no energy for a long time and this therapy had been recommended. I could feel a change during the session and came out feeling amazing and my energy levels have been brilliant since. I am very grateful for the experience and the amazing results and look forward to a return visit.

    Michelle, County Kerry
  • I went to Joanne for stress as we were trying to have a second baby for some time and it was not happening. I wanted to try something natural before going down the medical route. I had some sessions of integrated energy healing with Joanne where she could tell I was holding on to a lot of fear going way back to when I was a child and my father was ill for a period. As an adult I had always found that if I ever even thought about losing my father it would bring me to tears. Joanne also found that my body was totally closed off which was not helping with our efforts to conceive, I had a difficult birth first time around. Through her IET sessions Joanne helped me to release the fear I was carrying around, I no longer worry about losing the people around me and I am delighted to say I am also expecting our second child without any medical intervention.

    Julie, County Kerry