About Me

I help people find a better way to live by providing the strategies and safe space for anxious people to break free from their past and all those self-sabotaging behaviours, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that hold them back on a daily basis. Or to deal with their present reality which has become difficult and impossible to navigate alone.

Individuals I work with all have a similar goal – to create positive change in their lives and to operate at their highest potential. It could be to ditch the daily overwhelm, guilt, anxiety and self-loathing that leads to bad habits and destructive behaviours or to work through a challenging life situation that’s keeping you feeling stuck and unhappy. Or in many cases to put an end to things like being stressed, over-committed and stuck in overdrive which is blocking you in creating a life with a deep sense of inner contentment and freedom.

From my own experience… True lasting happiness and freedom comes from within. I was that person that looked very happy on the outside but inside was a very different story – completely overwhelmed, stressed & anxious. I have learned that working on our inner self, what’s keeping us stuck and unhappy whilst releasing emotional “triggers” is the only path to true lasting happiness and freedom!

And that’s why I’m so passionate about helping people overcome what I have overcome myself through a blend of trusted and effective techniques including Life CoachingNeuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Quantum Release and Integrated Energy Therapy

If you want to gain clarity, courage, and confidence so that you can enjoy greater success in both your personal and professional life, a one to one session with me could be the first step forward.

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With a love for all aspects of positive health, I understand that to gain true, complete happiness, you have to target health at all levels – Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual.


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